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JavaScript Object Creation Times - New Toronto Group

JavaScript Object Creation Times

| November 06th, 2012 by Oliver Merk

By Oliver Merk - principal consultantThere are three common ways to create JavaScript objects.The one most of us learned first was the constructor call:var myObj = new Object();Then we got clever and impressed our friends by using object literal syntax:var myObj = {};Now, with the latest version of ECMAScript, we can use:var myObj = Object.create(proto);...where proto is the object to be used as the…

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Objective-C Debugging Overview - New Toronto Group

Objective-C Debugging Overview

| November 18th, 2011 by Default Admin User

By Brandon Slack - ConsultantThis is a simple guide that goes over some of the basics one should know when debugging Objective-C. Over the six years that I have spent working with Objective-C I have noticed some patterns and learned some tricks that have helped me to debug some really hard issues. I will be publishing various entries going forward on debugging tips and tricks. Starting first with the…

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Debugging WebWorks applications using the PlayBook simulator and Google Chrome - New Toronto Group

Debugging WebWorks applications using the PlayBook simulator and Google Chrome

| September 24th, 2011 by Rod Nolan

By: Rod NolanI encountered an error recently while working on a WebWorks project. So I broke out the PlayBook WebInspector (aka Developer Tools in Google Chrome) and got to work... sort of.In case you haven't discovered this yet, to use the debugging tools in Chrome, you just launch your application in the simulator and then open Chrome and connect to the simulator over port 1337 (http://{simulator…

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