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Introduction to Amazon SimpleDB for Adobe Flex and AIR Apps - New Toronto Group

Introduction to Amazon SimpleDB for Adobe Flex and AIR Apps

| November 21th, 2011 by Chad Upton

By Chad Upton - senior consultantFlex is a great platform for building applications quickly. Amazon SimpleDB is a cloud database with similar characteristics along with some unique advantages and trade-offs compared to traditional databases.SimpleDB is a non-relational database that focuses on small data sets. It is built in Erlang and intended to run in the Amazon cloud, but there is an offline/local implementation that…

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Objective-C Debugging Overview - New Toronto Group

Objective-C Debugging Overview

| November 18th, 2011 by Default Admin User

By Brandon Slack - ConsultantThis is a simple guide that goes over some of the basics one should know when debugging Objective-C. Over the six years that I have spent working with Objective-C I have noticed some patterns and learned some tricks that have helped me to debug some really hard issues. I will be publishing various entries going forward on debugging tips and tricks. Starting first with the…

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Publishing your Air app on Amazon Appstore for Android - New Toronto Group

Publishing your Air app on Amazon Appstore for Android

| November 09th, 2011 by Alain Thibodeau

By Alain Thibodeau - ConsultantIf you are thinking about publishing your Adobe Air Mobile application on the Amazon Appstore, there is one gotcha you must know.  The actual publishing process is about the same as on the Android Market, if not easier. But, if you miss this step, you will waste time and get an email back from Amazon refusing your app.Amazon wants you to point the Adobe Air download to…

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Links roundup - New Toronto Group

Links roundup

| November 04th, 2011 by Oliver Merk

Here are a few unrelated links I’d like to pass on for your reading pleasure. Opportunistic Refactoring by Martin Fowler, author of the best programming book ever (Refactoring).  I’ve been preaching this one for a long time: “while you’re in there, refactor any smelly code, but don’t get caught in a death spiral”.    jQuery4u – lots…

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What's new in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich - New Toronto Group

What's new in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

| November 02th, 2011 by Derek Santos

The latest version of the Android OS code named Ice Cream Sandwich is out and should soon be in the hands of consumers.   The first phone to run ICS will be the much anticipated Galaxy Nexus.   The thing that excites me the most about ICS is that it will hopefully solve Android's fragmentation problem.   Right now, there are hundreds of Android devices all running different versions of the OS.   Ice…

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