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Responsive Design Seminar Slides - New Toronto Group

Responsive Design Seminar Slides

| September 24th, 2014 by Doug Riches

The New Toronto Group Seminar on “Responsive Design for Developers” focused on how to approach new projects that need to be designed and developed in a responsive manner. We guided attendees through some best practices in responsive based HTML5 development and showcased the special tools that can help in designing and coding.

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Responsive Design Seminar Slides - New Toronto Group

Start using closures with your AngularJS, EmberJS code, and other JavaScript.

| September 08th, 2014 by Doug Riches

Closures are one of the most powerful tools in JavaScript; they can help you write faster, cleaner, and safer code. No matter if you are using AngularJS, EmberJS, JQuery or another framework, closures are an invaluable tool you should be taking advantage of. Lets review the how and why of closures, and give you some examples to play with on your own.

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